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Write Intervention | Testimonials

During our time with "Write Intervention" our son Harrison has improved immensely. Every session has been exciting, fun & very encouraging. It has given Harrison skills to help reach his full potential. The program has been very helpful in many ways, e.g.: building confidence & self-achievement. We thank Darryl for his ongoing support, kindness, patience & professionalism.

Mandy - Parent


We would also like to continue with the O.T. in 2010, I have been very impressed with the work you have done with Georgia and we have definitely seen improvement, especially with her writing skills, she enjoys working with you and talks about you at home. You have exceeded my expectations with the program, over the years we have done a number of intervention programs with Georgia and I must admit to thinking that this was just another program, But the weekly communications via the green folder has made us feel a part of it and it’s nice to have some strategies and suggestions to assist Georgia in her home life.

Angela - Parent


As a teacher, I have seen the progress that the boys working with Darryl have made. They enjoy going out to work with him during their planned sessions, and come back to class full of confidence and with a spring in their step. Darryl is very professional, and quickly establishes a good rapport with the children in his care. He has been extremely reliable, and arrives at class exactly when arranged, which is so important during a busy school day.

Ceri Slinger- Reception Teacher


Well as you are aware the year has come to an end. I have to say your work with Elliott has been fantastic. We have noticed a huge change in Elliott this last 6 months and we are very thankful to you for all of the help you have given him over the last 18 months. Your consistency with helping Elliott has been extremely beneficial. I have had so many people comment to me in the last few months how he has come out of his shell more, and matured, and actually gets involved in conversation. You and I both know to most parents that’s just a standard thing, but for Elliott it’s a huge achievement, he even stood up on graduation night with confidence and said his lines with only one mumble. One thing I can tell you is that I have highly recommended you to many people, but anyway just a huge thank you for all your help, support and advice with Elliott, it has been hugely appreciated.

Tracy - Parent